Around 2,700 passionate, dedicated people work for im体育 at one of our eight sites across the world. 在im体育的工厂和办公室, you will find people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds – this is undoubtedly one of our strengths as an organisation. im体育为罗斯蒂的斯堪的纳维亚血统感到自豪, but we are also glad to be a part of a diverse global community.


Siew Bee Tan, Supply Chain Manager, im体育马来西亚

“I joined im体育 in 2013 as Supply Chain Manager and within two months I was promoted to Operations Manager. I have more than 20 years experience in supply chain management and I am a certified im体育 Sigma Black Belt, so I can participate in and guide the most complex of projects. I chose a career at im体育 because of the company’s dedication to innovation and the global opportunities the group has to offer. 作为一个员工, what I enjoy most about working for im体育 is its commitment to transparency and work-life balance, 和友好, communicative work environment based on our core values.”

Rozaidi Mahfodz, CI and HSE Manager, im体育马来西亚

“I joined im体育马来西亚 in 2012 as a Senior Production Engineer. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, I have more than 15 years of manufacturing line experience. 我负责线路布图设计. My role also involves capacity planning to ensure each assembly line meets all our customers’ demands, 工具设计和项目协调. 对我来说, the benefits of working for im体育 are our friendly, 尊重团队的工作环境, im体育对企业社会责任和可持续发展的承诺, and the excellent career development opportunities. My career path is to reach management level within the next five years.”

马库斯Brandel,修复 & im体育瑞典公司维修工程师

“I joined im体育 in 2002 as a Post-Process Technician, then worked as a Machine Operator before becoming a Repair & 维修工程师. My job is to maintain and repair the injection moulds and to ensure the smooth running and optimal performance of our customers’ manufacturing processes. I have a strong interest and background in vehicle mechanics, 所以和创新的人一起工作, high precision tools and technology that our plant has to offer is very satisfying. The aspects that I most enjoy about working at im体育 are that it is a fast-paced and innovative company, 在哪里学习, safety and optimal working conditions are a top priority. 我也和很棒的人一起工作.”

Katarzyna Czech, HR Business Partner, im体育波兰

“I joined im体育 as an HR Specialist in 2016 and a year later took on the role of HR Business Partner. 我有心理学和教学背景, as well as a masters degree in marketing and management. 作为我工作的一部分, I design and implement HR 流程和解决方案 supporting the organisation’s strategic goals and strategy, provide mentoring and try to respond quickly to unforeseen situations. At im体育 we have an individual approach to each employee and we really are one im体育! My advice to anyone considering a career with im体育 is, 如果你想在工作中找到乐趣, passionate and dedicated colleagues in an international environment, 而且不怕吃苦,不怕学习, 在罗斯蒂,你有机会走得更远.”

Katarzyna Sawicka, Senior Commodity Buyer, im体育波兰

“当我在2008年加入罗斯蒂时, 我在金融部门工作了两年, but in 2010 I decided to apply for a position in the Purchasing Department. 现在, 高级商品采购员, I am responsible for ensuring the highest quality products, materials and services at competitive prices for our customers, while building close relationships with our suppliers. I really enjoy the diversity of my job and that I get to interact with a variety of people each day, 从同事和客户到供应商. 然而, what I enjoy most are: the collaborative spirit of my team, that im体育 as a company encourages personal growth and my relationship with my Manager, 哪一个是基于透明通信的, 信任和尊重. 作为一名员工,我感到被重视和被授权. For anyone considering a career at im体育, I would say ‘good choice.’”

im体育寻求专用, performance-minded individuals to maintain our reputation as a global leader in plastic injection moulding. 你具备成功的条件吗? 发现为罗斯蒂工作的好处.

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